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grounds maintenance company based in Stoney Creek Ontario

SCENIC HEIGHTS LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE is a year round full service grounds maintenance company based in Stoney Creek Ontario.

We, at Scenic Heights Landscape Maintenance, are proud to have provided the highest quality year-round service to our customers for over 15 years. We offer full service, all-season, and grounds’ maintenance and are located within the heart of Stoney Creek.


Our reputation has been built on our outstanding and professional customer service, knowledge, and the highest level of quality in our work ethic and in our end results. Most of our customers use our services year after year and have referred us to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Our expertise, trained uniformed staff, quality materials and well maintained up to date equipment all contribute to enhance and beautifying our clients landscapes. We will customize a comprehensive grounds maintenance plan to meet the customers requirements based on each clients unique landscape.

Installation Warranty - Plant Replacement

Scenic Heights 1 Year Guarantee

Scenic Heights stands behind plant material installation, we warranty most perennial,tree and shrub plantings with a 1 time 12 month "PLANT REPLACEMENT AND INSTALLATION GUARANTEE" Plant materials not covered under 12 month warranty are, Rhododendron, Japanese Maples, Cedars and Roses.

Scenic Heights 1 Year Guarantee

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